My Family

My Family

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Open Doors

Wow, as I write this I realize that i have been in the Houston area for over 3 weeks! I cant believe how quickly the time is passing here. Our first week here God opened up doors immediately. We went to Sugar Land Family Church and the people there were incredibly friendly and welcoming. We were able to connect with the youth and worship leaders of the church and share with them our heart and vision for the City of Houston/Sugar Land and for the 10/ 40 Window. We are excited to continue working them and mobilizing them into missions along side of us.
We were able to visit the YMCA international and go through their training orientation. Through this were able to see much more of the diversity not just in clients but also in staffing and volunteers. The YMCA offers refugee services such as ESL, Human Trafficking counseling, Teen and kids camps, refugee resettlement and orientation. We are looking into possibly partnering with them in the future. We were also able to see an area of town with a ton of diversity and ethnic foods as well. This is a great place for us to hang around and make relationships. There is a mosque that is right in the middle of a shopping strip. Also I have learned more about the Human trafficking that occurs here. There are several nail salons around that used to traffic women into slavery. Houston is largest Sex Trafficking hub in the United States. Please pray against this horrible stronghold in this city and all over the world!

Other Open doors we have been walked through have been awesome. We helped out last week with a VBS in a refugee resettlement apt complex. As we walked up to help we were surrounded by children from nations all over the world! It was a great opportunity to talk with the kids and have them teach me their languages and culture. I also walked around and was invited into a Bhutanese family's apt. They served me Tea and were so happy that someone had come to see them. They are confused and hurt by the American culture of being task oriented over relationship oriented. Later that week I brought 2 friends back to their apt to visit them again. We got to listen to their story of living in a Nepali refugee camp for 18 years before coming to the STates 5 months ago. They are a Hindu Family but they are more Hindu by culture and not religion. They are very open to the Bible and Christianity. I also met that same day a Christian Bhutanese women you helps translate the Bible and other teachings from missionaries here to her people. She has been in the states for 6 months and is so excited that she has the freedom to talk about Jesus whenever she wants!

I have so many stories about the things that God is doing and the ways the Holy Spirit is moving amongst us. II have complete reaffirmation that I am excactly where God has called me to be. I have no regrets and no doubts that God has amazing plans for me and for the people he calls me to minister to.
Ministry Requests
Please pray for discernment about ministry. There are hundreds of opportunities here, we need to be able to narrow it down to what the Holy Spirit is calling us to do.

Pray for Los Arcos (apt complex we worked in). There are several refugee families and children that heard the gospel presented this past week.
Please pray as my car has completely failed and now I am looking for a new affordable car to replace it!
Thanks for you prayers and listening to the Cry of My Heart!

Monday, 5 July 2010

The New Chapter Begins...

So I made it to Sugar Land, TX!! On Thursday July 1st Dan and I set out on the open highway and headed south to embark on the next adventure that God has called us to. We were very excited to be on the way to the life we had been praying about and anticipating for almost 6 months now. Our way there was filled with problems as my poor car was not used to driving such long distances in the heat, however God was good and kept it running all the way through. I also ended up losing my new cell phone at a rest area in Oklahoma. I believe that These things upon a few others were ways that the enemy was trying to attack and discourage us. I took this as a good sign, if the enemy is feeling threatened, God must have some amazing things ahead for us!
We made it to Ft Worth on Thurs night really late and stayed with my sister Jessica and her husband for 2 nights. It was great time to catch up and spend with my family, but by Saturday we were ready to get to our final destination and new home. We pulled into 5555 New Territory Blvd in SugarLand, Texas on Saturday afternoon. We had a great big welcoming committtee of former, present and future GFM'ers. It was ablessing to have them help us move in!

On Sunday, our friends and us decided to check out a church in the area called Sugar Land Family Church. They were extremely welcoming to us and connected us with nearly the entire church. I was also able to connect with the ESL program they have at their church. We will continue looking at churches in the area but God blessed us with a great start.

Today I was digging into the Word and God brought me to Jeremiah. Jer 1 :7 says " But the Lord said to me, Do not say I am only a youth for all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever i command you, you shall speak. Vs 9 goes on to say, Behold I have put MY words into Your mouth. THis was encouraging to me because so often I put the pressure on my self to accomplish the Lords ministry. He is constantly reminding me, He will accomplish His ministry with or without me, but if I decide to be a part of this work he will use me for his glory. It is HIS words that he will give to me. Jeremiah was young but God gave him powerful words to tell Israel. He didnt have to be classically trained or study for years, he just had to submit to the Spirit of God and realize its not his own doing. Paul says that "I must decrease so that He may increase". This was God's challenge to me this morning and now I hope you let it challenge you. Please continue to lift me up in prayer as God begins to open doors to reach those who have never heard of his saving grace!