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My Family

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Jesus is coming! How does that make you feel?

Last night a friend of mine brought up how she felt selfish but she truly didn't want Jesus to return. She wanted to live her life, get married, have kids, and grow old before she went to Heaven. The idea of Christ returning invoked emotions of fear and anxiety more so than comfort or excitement. Her honesty surprised me at first, but then I realized how common this way of thinking is for the majority of Christians in America. I know I grew up with this same attitude. Why is this true? I pondered this for awhile and this is what I came up with.
The majority of American Christians live comfortable unsacrificial lives. We love the luxury and easyness that comes along with our faith. I believe that many Americans view their Christianity as more of a fire insurance. It really is only good for them as a "get out of Hell free card". They may live the traditional Christian life and take the family to church on Sunday, but their faith is pretty much on reserve for when they die or to some as just a moral code to live by. If we were truly IN LOVE with our God for who HE is instead of what he offers, i believe our perspectives would change.

It was interesting that she brought this up as I am in the middle of my Bridegroom fast. The purpose of this fast is gain a deeper longing and mourning for the Lord to return. It is based off Mark 2:19-20, Rev 19:7-8 and 22:17. In these verses the Church, the bride of Christ which is us, is readying herself and saying "Come Jesus". I realized a few months back, how that was not the cry of my heart. Since then I am continuously asking myself if I am yearning for the return of my Savior. 2 Peter 3:11-18 talks about waiting for and "hastening" the coming of the day of God. Imagine waiting for your wedding day. It can't come any sooner. You dream about and pray for it to come quickly. What would happen if thats how we viewed the return of our Bridegroom and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?

So what does your Christianity really mean to you? Is it a crutch to lean upon in desperate times? Is it a fire insurance? Is it a religious tradition that you just practice? Is it a moral code to live by? OR is it a deep, intimate, passionate, consuming, nothing else matters, He is all I want, ALL I need, LOVESICK relationship between you and your Bridegroom, your beloved Savior?
Regardless of how you view it, JESUS is coming back. Its going to happen. As Misty Edwards would say, I can hear the rhythym of the LION OF THE TRIBE JUDAH! People get ready, Jesus is coming!

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